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Well, I finally decided to put up a web page to show some of my work.  I've been an artist now for 20 years or so (from the age of 8), but I've been a bit timid about displaying my work anywhere.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy.....some of this stuff is kind of strange.  Women viewing this page from contact info within personal sites....feel free to contact me!




More to Come

Please check back fairly often....this is my first web-page.  I'm still in the process of creating images of my art, and I'm constantly creating more.  Almost all pieces are for sale, so please inquire about purchasing if you're interested in  a particular piece.  Thanks.


Back to Black-lights and Lava-lamps...Let go of is this Country's way of controlling us.  The truth about is caused by us...i.e. we choose to let things bother us.  Outside pressure is false and manipulative....the only people we really owe is our loved ones and those we care about or for.  All other's are unfit of our worries.....As long as we succumb to the financial pressures of debt, we become increasingly more selfish.  United we stand---Divided we fall (fail).

Feel free to contact me with any comments, questions, or opinions about any of my work.  Thanks.