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The Exhibit Continues...

Abstract Thought

The Pessimist

"The Pessimist" (above)  In this piece, I attempted to relate the feeling of pessimism to close-mindedness.  The male figure,  displaying affection and passionate communication, is shown with a large heart, while the female figure is faced away and sees only worry....and listens not to the beauty being poured from his heart.  This piece was inspired by the events of a previous relationship.

"Abstract Thought" (left)  This is another experimental piece.  I used an aluminum litho sheet to collage drawings of geometric shspes in an abstract portrayal of  a human head with colorful 'wing-dings' erupting

Thru the Rabbit Hole

"Thru the Rabbit Hole"  Another in my Alice in Wonderland series, this piece is a statement of the early developmental stages leading to adulthood.  The piece is a collage which has a 3-D like chess-board "path."  Every branch originating from the "rabbit hole" branches to a different part of the composition--each symbolizing a different facet of maturity.

Van Gogh La Trec

"Van Gogh La Trec"  -a piece inspired an art history class. Here I attempt to create a unique synergy between a cluttered mind--dominated by the emotion of color--mixed with the organization and graphic intensity of a design dominated thought process or psyche.  The result is an image of a face that is riddled with obscure images and random thoughts.  Please look at some close-up images.

More images (close-up views)

The Muse

"The Muse"   This painting is meant to personify the tranquility and emotional intensity of meditation and the gratification of deep self-communication.  I used blue under-tones to convey a feeling of peace and used an emotionless facial expression (feminine) to create a feeling of serenity for the viewer.  Overall, this piece was meant to cause the viewer feel more comfortable and un-inhibited.

The Inspiration

"The Inspiration"  This painting is mainly created with acrylic washes, but I added a sense of interaction by attaching an old piece of driftwood and a partial paint tube.  The piece of wood, which has the end of a brush attached, appears to be rising out of a weathered tree and reaching for more paint.  The importance of this piece was to make the atatement that the art itself drives the artistic ambition.....Please click the caption below the image to see a detail of the tree.

Click here to see a detail of the tree