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The Gallery

THe Queen of Broken Hearts

"The Queen of Broken Hearts"      This piece was inspired by the popular TV show "COPS."  It is intended as a statement on the increasingly common occurance of domestic abuse and the spouses who choose to put up with it.  I attempted to portray an emotionally battered  expression that also depicted the feeling of an almost mandatory loyalty and tolerance of this domestic problem.

The Year 2000

Click here to see close-ups of this collage

"The Year 2000"  Okay folks.  This is a fairly intense collage.  I created this piece after a year of intense experimentation.  It shows an extreme view of my emotional turmoil during the span of  this year (which happens to be my Chinese Zodiac year).  During this year, I experienced extreme fear and well as sexual starvation (still  a virgin at the time) which is blatantly shown in the lustful images.  I held nothing back in this one......My open nature forced me to bare it all.  I've since mellowed out a bunch, but I felt that it was important to visually document the events of this year as a learning experience and a reminder of the ramblings caused by uncontrolled and seemingly uncontrolable emotions.


"Imagine"  This is one of a series of 4 of the late 60's greatest rock stars/poets that I painted...Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and Jim Morrison were included in the series, but unfortunately, I did not get photographs of the others before I donated them to a silent auction for my sister-in-law's cancer benefit.

Manic Enlightenment

"Manic Enlightenment"  This piece was inspired by a feeling of both panic and relief upon being diagnosed with bi-polar syndrome late in 2000.  Although I had heard horror stories about suicidal manic episodes (which worried me), I painted this when I finally discovered that my manic state of mind was always positive and productive and my (so called) "depression" state was only a period of low energy.  I used EKG peaks to represent mountains where I placed a figure (representing me) who could dive into certain death....or certain happiness (portrayed by the open arms of love)


"De-Rangement"  The title is actually a bit of a play on words.  The painting is meant to relay the feeling of a lucid facial expression which is contrasted by severe proportional chaos.  This intensity of disproportion is meant to represent the lack of balance in a psychotic or 'deranged' mind.

The Tumblers and The Ancient

"The Tumblers and The Ancient" (sold)   This piece was meant to be an ode to the old ways...our ancestory and the cosmic wisdom of the cultures that lived through the past.  I strived to express the importance of cultures who foraged and hunted as their means of survival.  They had no grocery stores or shopping malls--only their individually specialized needs for survival tools and the importance of working together to achieve wellness for the entire culture.

The Jabberwok

"The Jabberwok"  This is an experimental piece which was completed in an "Alice in Wonderland/Thru the Looking Glass" series.  I was experimenting with mirror images of nude female dancers and the potential of using the patterns to create other images.  In this piece, you can see that the nudes actually form a frontal profile of a dragon against a "flim-strip like" backgound.  I also used glow paint to make the image of the dragon stand out in black-light.

A Fantasy Dream

"A Fantasy Dream"  This piece was semi-experimental in that I used the nature of the thin paint and gravity to cause a controlled run of the paint to create what appears as stalagtites on top and a city-like dwelling on the bottom.  I also experimented with using paper drawings which were cut and blended to appear as part of the canvas.  The dream is highlighted by a goblin-like "narrator" and portrays a woman's dream sequence that is inspired by a fairy.  The visual tale also includes the mythical connection between the dragon and the phoenix.

The Pisces

"The Pisces"  This is an image I dreamed up.  There isn't much's pretty streight-forward.  There are actually seven fish in the painting.  Two of the fish (on the sides) are painted with dark blues and violets against a black background making them harder to see.  The other three fish are all of the same pattern.  I used two shadows (stencils) of an original fantasy-inspired drawing (attached) of a unique fish (the three smaller fish).

The "Tea" Party

"The 'Tea' Party"  Yet another piece from the Alice in Wonderland series, this piece is a statement on alcoholism.  An actual  tea-pot is glued into a pouring position.  The warped chess-board pattern creates a directional flow into what appears to be pushing the female figure into a mouth.  This imagery is meant to represent the slippery and all-consuming nature of alcohol from the perspective of an alcoholic.