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Even more to come...

No Lifeguard on Duty

"No Lifeguard on Duty" This painting was meant to be an
allegory of the artist's struggle.  I sought to encompass the fear of
exposing one's art (as visual opinions and values) to a potentially
critical audience.  I did this by showing a figure (using hard edges
and white/orange caution colors) who is drowning in his own fear.
I sometimes feel that it would be much easier walking around nude
than it would be to subject my art (and opinions) to such a culturally
diverse society.

Pure Tension

"Pure Tension"  This is an older piece that I did back in highschool (1994).  I used the facial expression of the ball-player along with the score board to try and communicate the extreme stress that is associated with the competitive nature of sports.  Being the disconnected (from any cliques) artist, I was able to see how the public school system valued their sports standing over the quality of the athlete's education....and how the stress factor contributed to a severe lack of academic focus and concentration.

The Block: A World Lost

Scope-View Buck

"Scope-View Buck"  (unavailable)  This was a 'realistic' painting that was done as a project in my Painting I class.  I chose to create a focus on the deer, while blurring out the background.  I also wanted the eyes to appear to 'follow' the viewer from any perspective.

Lone Cypress
"The Block: A World Lost"  In this piece, I wanted to express the horrific turmoil of a creative block for the passionate artist.  Jackson Pollock's style was the primary inspiration, and I used dark crimson and black to enhance the sense of severe chaotic confusion that is often felt by artists (of any media).
"Lone Cypress" (owned by parents)  This was my second attempt at an acrylic painting, and my first sea-scape.  I have several others that are mediocre in comparison.  Although the picture doesn't show it, the water that is crashing into the cliffs has a glossy appearance which enhances the 'experience."