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Poetry by Brandon Krause
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Poetry by Brandon Krause
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Here is a sampling of the unconcious rambling that I'm able to get in touch with from time to time...

Life From a Seed...

I began alone in a home of damp soil

Beginning a life filled with helpless turmoil

Until one day I felt something grow

Fearing a shovel or death by a hoe

Then in all wonder, a beautiful light

And others much like me but not just alike

I bathed in the beauty of a heavenly sun

And there I discovered my life had begun

Days and then months, then years stumbled on

Until I was tall, and the others were gone

Majestic I felt and much taller since birth,

With ultimate care for my father, the earth.

Now every year passes--They seem only days

And blessed I am for God's given praise.

While two glowing lovers sit under my hair

They show me what love is, an ultimate care,

As the rain trickled onto my branches like tears

I wondered in loathing my long lonesome years

Why couldn't I share such caring relations

When two glowing lovers had such gifted sensations.

Then I look down unto the lovers that be

Carving "I Love You" as they sat under me.

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