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Artist's History and Background

Artist's History and Background
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History and Background


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Although I'm a social extrovert (once I warm up to people), I tend to be an introvert when it comes to my art.  I started with sketches and carving wood at the age of 8.  My Grandparents noticed my potential and suggested that I begin formal training.  I took art classes every year through the public school system until I graduated in 1995 with a $150 art scholorship.  I put this money into buying supplies for studies at Austin Community College where I continued my formal training until 1998.  I was then accepted to Southwest Texas University where I took the remainder of my basic art courses (color theory and 3-D design) along with 5 art history courses.  I made Dean's List my second semester in 1998 with a GPA of 3.67.  Shortly thereafter, I took a variety of Studio courses:  Painting, Ceramics, Figure Drawing (Drawing I), Printmaking, and Computer Design.  I've since taken a long hiatus from school to concentrate on independant studies that focus on mixed-media painting and collage design.  I'm also interested in (what a friend calls gluing a bunch of junk together) assemblage sculpture.

My Background

As for my background (other than my art training), I was born to a very close family with very strong Christian family values. Although I am far from a Christian extremist, I believe that the faith (not unlike most other major religions) teaches self-discipline and proper moral values.  I was brought up learning the importance of nature as the ultimate nurturer.....gardening and hunting/fishing for food.  This, along with human facial expressions and my fascination of society's pressure on the human psyche, has shaped the philosophies and ideas I like to portray in my art.

Drop me a line.  My AIM Screen Name is Klervoyant.

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